About us


Hi, we are Roly and Rosie; we’re a couple of Christians, originally from the UK but now living in the centre of France and we run the Charity  We are both passionate about music and are currently engaged in films, education, tuition, composition, recording and performance. We are mature Christians with rich life experiences and interesting stories to tell that will hopefully both encourage and inspire a wide variety of people. We’ve known each other since 1982 and we got married in 2005 which was a surprise to us both. We are thoroughly enjoying a marriage that is full of GOD’s love and our love for each other. We have many resources to offer, which we hope will be of great use to you.

About our music, past and present.
We have a home based studio in which we are composing music and songs; we’re also performing, doing stuff for advertising, TV, film and media. Our music and resources are now available to you on this site with the non-commercial ethos that has been Roly’s MO for years.
Roly has had a full time Christian music ministry since 1981 which has taken him to over 400 church, missionary, para-church and secular venues in 9 countries; he has released 5 albums, several singles, EPs, songbooks and teaching resources. He has lectured in both secular and theological colleges and at one time designed and delivered modules for the BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts. Roly continued his studies, and obtained a BA Honours degree in Theology; he hasn’t become starchy or filled with ‘head knowledge’, he has simply endorsed his gifting as exhorted to in 2 Timothy Ch2 v15. Roly and Rosie both want the content of their material, be that sung or spoken, to be Biblically sound. Roly now has a musical companion at his side.
Rosie has a great voice. Roly feels excited and very fulfilled to be writing music that gives Rosie a platform to perform on, which she hasn’t had much opportunity to hitherto; in her past, having been married to a member of the Rolling Stones, her abilities went unheeded by people more concerned with their own musical careers. She also has a great testimony of her miraculous healing from heroin addiction; she is a woman who loves and knows her Bible, and who demonstrates obvious Spiritual gifting. A beautiful new thing is happening now; Roly writes a riff and Rosie comes up with words and melodies. There are many songs which Roly has written that never got recorded; Rosie is encouraging him to get these into the repertoire as well as the new stuff they are composing together. Rosie is in the process of writing her life story which you will find available soon.

Now Roly and Rosie are composing, singing, recording and performing together. They have a 10-track, a 4-track and a 3-track CD on release with more in the pipeline, all of which you will find on this site. They also undertook a massive project to unite over 2,000 children from Malawi and the UK on a CD, to raise funds for the charity Starfish Malawi (click here or check the home page) Please check our RESOURCES for a full catalogue of free resources.